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Need a company that you can trust?
Looking to start a relationship and be
more then just another customer? Want a
company that will help you out to the
bitter end? You have found it! Let
PageKeeper Service be your web host.

What does `Hosting' and `Servers' mean?
`Hosting' is the process of a company providing a place on their `servers'
for your functions. For example, if you have a web site but do not have
a web server, the `Hosting' company has a computer that will provide you
with the function of `serving' or `hosting' your web site.

This name can be applied to many functions on the Internet such as Web
Sites, Email Accounts, Domain Name Servers, Database Applications, even
Servers themselves can be `hosted', file data storage, plus much more.

This term is used to refer to the housing of a web site, email or a domain.
also known as Web `hosting', Web site `hosting', and Webhosting is the
business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web sites.

Every website, email, file, or online service is stored (called `hosted')
on a computer (called a `server') which is connected to the Internet.

Once your website is completed the site must be placed on a web `Server'
(a computer which is permanently connected to the Internet). This means
that your site can be accessed anywhere around the world at any time.

Storage of data on a server for later access. File `serving'.
Typically, the `hosting' `server' provides services and tools that expedite
access by individuals or other `servers'. The popularity of the World Wide
Web has given rise to an industry of `hosting' services that store large
amounts of data that can be accessed from the Internet 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, worldwide.

The `host' is renting the space for your on-line business. Your web site
must physically reside on a computer that's connected to the internet.
Web `hosting' companies provide the equipment, a high-speed connection
to the internet, and monitor your site to make sure it is always available.
`Hosting' companies typically charge a one-time setup fee in addition to the
monthly or yearly `hosting' fees.

Flexibility - Reliability - Connectivity - Security at a Low Price
Reliable Hosting is Job 1 at PageKeeper Service
Support technicians on duty and a direct customer support hotline for quick
solutions to your requests. When something needs our attention you can simply
call or email us a request, it gets done swiftly and hassle free. Having problems,
or needing something, then having to wait, is not what PageKeeper Service is about.
We are about quick personal, reliable service, with 24-7 live support to keep your
site up and going.

Our Hosting Platform
The servers, are developed and tested by Sun Microsystems (formerly Cobalt Networks).
Sun has been a reliable network server industry standard for many years.

The platforms are ideal for small personal to large business sites.
One server is capable of serving 750,000 E Mails
and 35 million web pages per day.

This flexable platform lets you choose from a wide variety of development
tools such as Visual InterDev, Macromedia Drumbeat, and NetObjects Fusion,
including C, C++ compilers, gdb debugger, Perl libraries, X11 libraries,
PostgreSQL DBMS are included in the backend of all our hosting platforms
along with the other web tools most sites might need below,

RedHat Linux PHP MySQL Apache

Linux, UNIX, Apache, Reliability
OC-48 Back Bone Connections
99% Uptime Guarantee
30 Day Hosting Guarantee
Traffic Stats
Log File Access
SSI - CGI - SSL - Perl - Shell - MySQL - PHP - FTP - ChiliSoft ASP - Java
I.P. Address
Domain Name Parking
Crontab Access
Password Protected Directories
Web Site Backup File Generator - Restore Utility
Unlimited E-Mail Aliases
E-Mail Forwarding
Auto Responders
User Sub Domains
Web Interface Control Panels
Web E Mail, Sendmail, POP3, Web Contact Form
Over 400 Installed Perl Modules
MySQL User Interface
GD, ImageMagick
Command Line Interface
24-7 Technical Support

Many free and paid software titles support the above platform setup
with very little or no changes to the programs. Popular programs are
written in Perl, PHP, MySQL, Apache, run on any of the plans we ofter.

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