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Domain Name Glossary
Glossary Of Domain Name Terms

DNS stands for Domain Name System. This System translates a Domain Name such as into the Internet Protocol (IP) numbers to find the
correct Web site - in this case, the site for PageKeeper Service.

Domain Name
A Domain Name is the word version of a lengthy set of numbers that makes up an
Internet address (called an IP address). That address and corresponding Domain
Name locates a computer that is connected to the Internet and may host your Web
site. Sometimes it is referred to as a Web address or a URL. An example would
be or

Domain Names are registered in a global database and when you try to find a Web
address through Internet browsing software, such as Internet Explorer or
Netscape Navigator, the database looks up the record for that name and takes
you to the address that is tied to that name in the database.

Domain Parking
PageKeeper Service offers you the ability to "park" your domain name on its
servers for no charge. Parking simply means a Domain Name holder has not
identified or does not know the IP addresses of the servers that will host his
or her web site and wishes to reserve the name for later use.

This refers to the housing of a Web site, e-mail or a domain on a specific
server connected to the Internet.

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. An ISP provides access to the
Internet for others via some connectivity apparatus.

The person or organization that is listed originally as the Billing Contact
is also known as the Registrant.

An entity, organization or person who is authorized and technically certified
to enter Domain Name registration data in a database on behalf of Registrants.

An entity, organization or person who maintains the database of registration
information for Domain Names. In the case of gTLDs, Network Solutions Inc. acts
as the Registry for .com, .net and .org TLDs.

Registry Fees
As part of The PageKeeper Service Agreement, we must require pre-payment for all
Domain Name registrations in the gTLDs .com, .net and .org.

Second Level Domain
In the Domain Name System (DNS), the information in a Domain Name to the left
of the Top Level Domain extension (.com, .net etc...) is the Second Level of the
Domain and helps computers connected to the Internet point to the proper server
location within the Top Level Domain extension. Much like in most postal
addresses, the State is within the Country.

Top Level Domain (TLD)
In the Domain Name System (DNS), the highest level of domains is the most broad
indicator of where a Domain Name lives. The TLD extensions .com, .net and .org
refer to the registry that contains those domains, whereas the second level is
a more specific indicator within the Top Level Domain. Much like in the postal
address "New York, USA" the "USA" is the broader term, while "New York" points
to a less broad location within USA.

There are two types of Top Level Domains. The most common type is Generic or
gTLDs, such as .COM, .NET, .ORG. New proposed gTLDs such as .firm, .web, or
.shop are expected to be introduced later this year. The other type of TLD
is the ccTLD (country code top level domains) which are assigned to all
countries and their dependencies. Country codes are administered by each
country and rules and fees for those differ from case to case.

Transfer (Domain Name transfer)
To renew a Domain Name with a registrar who was not the registrar who originally
provided the registration service, an owner must first transfer sponsorship of
the Domain Name to the new registrar. The owner does not surrender ownership of
the name, the registrar of record is all that changes. Each registrar has its
own rules for transferring a Domain Name to them, so it is important to
understand those rules before attempting a transfer. Also, under the rules set
forth in the Registrar agreement with ICANN, when an owner transfers a name to
a new registrar, a new registration fee must be paid before the transfer is

WHOIS information is the specific contact and DNS information associated with
each Domain Name that is registered in a TLD registry database. This information
is provided free of charge to the public through a search for WHOIS information
in that database.

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